Position Summary

Campus: Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: EE
Level: Skilled


The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is a vibrant and cosmopolitan university, anchored in Africa and driven by a powerful strategy focused on attaining global excellence and stature (GES). With an emphasis on independent thinking, sustainable development, and strategic partnerships, UJ is an international university of choice. The University is guided by the Vice-Chancellor’s vision of “Positioning UJ in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for societal impact in the context of the changing social, political, and economic fortunes of Africa”.

Job description

Job Description:
Based at the APK main office. To manage the Central Transport Vehicle Fleet. To be responsible and accountable for the daily management of the Vehicle Feet. To administer all fuel slips, on-site diesel usage, e-toll statements, vehicle maintenance and service accounts, including tyres, batteries, and vehicle inspection reports, and the administration of the ARCHIBUS Fleet Management System and oversee the work done by other Admin assistants within the department, including the DFC and SWC offices.
Management of the Transport Office of the University:
  • To manage the UJ Transport Office effectively, efficiently and operate vehicles and equipment to transport people and goods.
  • Having an auditable, thorough administrative process in place, to enable full tracking of all transactions and records, electronically and in hard copies.
  • Having enough pool or rental vehicles available for clients of this Division, through proper planning.
  • Transporting Nursing students to listed training venues on time and in accordance with agreed upon and published schedules and timetables.
  • Having an effective rotational delivery service between Campuses in place.
  • Accurate administrative processes. Manage drivers shift work to curb excessive overtime.
Booking of Pool Vehicles:
  • Rendering of effective, efficient, and professional services to all UJ staff and students.
  • Having enough pool vehicles available for clients of this Division, through proper planning.
  • To render a service of an acceptable standard to Departments, students, and staff, with dedicated staff to ensure proper availability and control over resources and supplies.
  • Accurate administrative processes. Accurate record keeping.
  • Client satisfaction. Professional service.
  • Responsible and accountable for budgets.
  • Budget controller for UJ Central Vehicle Fleet.
 Financial Management of the Transport Office:
  • o effectively manage the petrol cost for each vehicle as well as to calculate the costs of each trip accurately.
  • Having an auditable, thorough administrative process in place, to enable full tracking of all transactions and records, electronically and in hard copies.
  • Responsible for all UJ fuel account (inhouse and service stations).
Record Keeping:
  • To effectively do record keeping on a weekly and monthly basis as well as working out schedules for drivers.
Management of Services/Repairs and licensing of all Pool Vehicles and the safe keeping of all vehicles and other assets:
  • To ensure that all pool and other University vehicles are kept clean, washed frequently and maintained in a good mechanical and roadworthy condition.
  • To ensure that all maintenance and replacement services are done on time and in accordance with acceptable maintenance standards as prescribed by vehicle manufacturers.
  • To keep thorough record of all quotations, authorisations and expenses pertaining to all repairs and maintenance on each individual vehicle.
  • To keep hard copy records of all registration documentations of each vehicle, as well as a spare set of keys, safely always locked away but accessible.
  • To keep full record of fuel consumption and use of other consumable items such as oils, fluids, batteries, and tyres of each vehicle.
  • To frequently analyse the viability of retaining the specific vehicles in the fleet, versus replacement, to ensure optimal value for money for the University.
  • Accuracy. Maintaining standards as set by vehicle manufacturers.
Management of UJ Diesel Supply:
  • Efficient supply of fuel on the Campus and the effective control of fuel used by vehicles and generators.
  • To monitor the level of the fuel available in the storage tank, on a daily basis.
  • To requisition the filling / replenishment of fuel issued as and when required.
  • To always maintain an acceptable level of supply of fuel.
  • To ensure that safe practices are observed around the diesel depot and that supplies are safeguarded against theft.
  • To keep accurate record of supplies received and litres issued and to be able to account.
  • To report any discrepancies or shortages as well as any suspicious activities relating to fuel acquisition or usage by UJ staff or other individuals.
Fine Administration:
  • Oversee and ensure that the appointed Admin Assistant do administer all the traffic fines of UJ vehicles, by collecting, re-issuing, and posting to AARTO and accurate recordkeeping thereof.
Archibus Fleet management System Administration:
  • Oversee and ensure that the appointed Admin Assistant do upload the needed information regarding vehicle maintenance and service invoices including accident reports and traffic fines.
E-Toll statements and e-tag units:
  • Oversee and ensure that the appointed Admin Assistant do proper recordkeeping, filing and administration of all e-tag statements as well as on-time cancellation or renewal of e-tag units.
Fuel Slip, on-site diesel usage administration:
  • Administer all UJ vehicle fuel slips received from fuel stations and departments monthly.
  • Checking fuel slips with fuel records by ensuring that they correspond.
  • Recordkeeping and filing of fuel slips and records.
  • Submission to DFC Finance
  • On-site diesel tank: to do daily weekly and monthly checks on diesel usage, diesel level checks and reporting of diesel usage versus fuel left to managers and Director on a weekly and monthly basis.
Control of tyres and batteries:
  • Oversee and ensure that any tyre or battery replacements are properly recorded and controlled by keeping accurate data on replacement dates, invoices, and life span of items.
  • Ensuring that pre-approval is granted and that Job cards are allocated to any tyre replacements or repairs as well as on batteries.
  • Ensuring that proper markings are on old and new units to control and manage any replacements.
  • Focus on any unauthorised replacement of tyres and batteries and report on it immediately.
Fleet inspections, accidents, and reports:
  • Oversee and ensure that the appointed Admin Assistants and Drivers do weekly inspections on all Fleet and other UJ vehicles and report on findings such as damages and any needed repairs.
  • Performing own inspections on vehicles to ensure that tyres, batteries, and condition of vehicles are in good condition.
  • Control, administer and completion of accident reports and liaison with line manager and UJ insurance office.
Control and oversee accounts:
  • Weekly and monthly reporting of traffic fines and oversee and control various accounts on external fuel and on-site diesel usage, maintenance, services, tyres, batteries on Fleet and other UJ vehicles.
Update of UJ Vehicle list:
  • Ensure that continues updates are done on the UJ Vehicle list of new vehicles purchased by departments and vehicles that has been sold, stolen, or hijacked.

Minimum requirements

  • Degree or Advanced Diploma in Transport or Logistics Management on NQF Level 7.
  • Five (5) years working experience in a Transport or Logistics Company / Environment.
  • At least five (5) years working experience as Transport or Logistics Manager in a higher education institution or Private sector related to a Vehicle Fleet / Transportation / Logistics environment. 
  • A valid driver’s license (code 10 with PDP).
  • Competency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Fleet Management Systems like Archibus or similar systems.
Competencies and Behavioural Attributes:
  • Excellent written, verbal, listening and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Experience and Computer skills with Outlook, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experience in Transport and Logistics Environment Administration and processes
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)
  • Ability to priorities workload and to work under pressure without supervision
  • Must be willing to work after hours and weekends
  • Working experience in Managing and supervising Transport or Logistics Fleet.
  • Working experience in Transport and Logistics Environment Administration.
  • Working experience in a Vehicle Fleet environment.
Enquiries regarding the job content: Dr Martin Siluthanyi on Tel: (011) 559 3122
Enquiries regarding remuneration & benefits: Ms Nozuko Mazibuko (HCM Business Partner) on Tel: (011) 559 4690


Your application, comprising of a detailed Curriculum Vitae as well as the names and full contact details (including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) of at least three traceable and credible referees must be uploaded before or on the closing date of the advertised post. Please also attach the following: a copy of your highest academic qualification, proof of registration with professional bodies you might belong to and if applying for an academic position, a list of accredited research output and/ or a portfolio of your creative output.

If you require technical support / assistance on the UJ e-recruitment website, please contact our service provider PNET on the following contact details: 0861 227337/010 140 3099 or email ujsupport@pnet.co.za

Candidates may be subjected to appropriate psychometric testing and other selection instruments.

In conjunction to merit on the basis of qualifications, experience and proven achievements the University of Johannesburg is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and those individuals from the historically disadvantaged groups. As necessitated by operational requirements the University reserves the right not to make an appointment to positions advertised. If you have not received a response from the University within 8 weeks of the closing date, you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful.


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